Cerebral Aneurysm

Cerebral Aneurysm are irregular balloon like dilatation of the blood vessels of the brain. Due to this dilatation the wall of blood vessels become very weak with time. And the vessels are at a very high risk of getting burst leading on to brain hemorrhage.

How do Cerebral Aneurysm form?

People are usually not born with this abnormal balloon like dilatation. But due to inherent weakness of the blood vessels which may be case when a person suffers from some disorders like collagen vascular disorders, fibromuscular dysplasia, arteritis etc. Or due to acquired weakness of the blood vessels as a result of prolonged hypertension, chronic smoking.


The suffering person usually complains of sudden severe headache. This may be described as the worst headache of life also known as “Thunderclap” headache. This may be associated with vomiting followed by unconsciousness and/or weakness of one side of body.

Diagnosis and Treatment

If a person suffers from such a severe headache, he/she should be immediately taken to the emergency of the nearest hospital. The doctor, after physically examining the patient will order some radiological tests. Like Plain CT scan of the head and angiography of the brain to ascertain the diagnosis as well as to localize the site and features of the aneurysm.

Once diagnosed, two types of treatments are available depending upon the general condition of the patient and features and location of the aneurysm. These two treatments are either, COILING or CLIPPING of the aneurysm. Details of the treatment should be discussed with the concerned Neurosurgeon in person.